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Here we are…

Acceptance, something we have all had to practice far more than we are wanting to in recent times. This does not mean we are liking, wanting, choosing or supporting what is going on. As my 95 year old Grandmother would say, “it is what it is”. However, as “cliche” as this term might sound, it is an idea full of potential and relief. By struggling against the pain- by resisting and rejecting reality we create even more suffering at times. Yuck! Entertaining ideas like “this shouldn’t be like this. I shouldn’t feel this bad, I should be more thankful”. These type of statements can put us in our own little personal penitentiary.

So, let’s go with another idea. Let’s choose to allow all the feelings, information, and “stuff” to just be there when you can’t change it in that moment. Let’s try to even make some space for it. To adapt this idea, in a metaphorical sense, to allow the new kid to sit at the cool kid lunch table. Why? Because there is no rule book, life book, guide book to tell us how it is. We all have the power and permission to be as we are, feel whatever we feel and have experienced what we have experienced without shame or guilt. Once we are able to just be present and acknowledge where we are