teen on social media

Teens using social media

An overwhelming amount of parents have expressed concern over social media and it’s potentially negatively effects.  At Therapy Srq this concern is commonly addressed as part of individual therapy with teens.  Additionally, this population report social media to be toxic, a source of drama, rumors and bullying.  However, the draw toward social media appears to overpowers the discomfort for them.

The Study

The study published in the journal JAMA psychiatry encompassed a group of 6,595 teens from the United States. Researchers were looking for a  connection between content in social media to how teens attribute their problems. For example, does social media leave them believing their own character flaws are at fault for their problems (internalizing problems)? In contrast, do they believe other people or their environment are solely at fault (externalizing problems)?

The Results

Furthermore, the studied revealed teens who spent more than 3 hours a day on social media may be at a significantly higher risk for mental health problems. More specifically, internalizing problems.  As a result, long term effects of internalizing problems can result in problems such as depression, anxiety, aggression and antisocial behavior.

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