ADHD in children

Why are temper outbursts and defiant behavior so common in kids with ADHD? How can we help?

It is no surprise that children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD are commonly known for their difficulties with attention. At times these children struggle with behaviors, breaking rules and difficulty following directions. However, these are not actual symptoms of ADHD. These problems are the result of inattention and impulsiveness Therefore, Inattention and impulsiveness are the most prominent symptoms of the disorder.

Commonly, for our kids with ADHD, unwanted tasks are extremely problematic. As a result, having to do the undesirable task causes an excess of frustration. The child’s frustration can become too much to handle causing them to become overwhelmed. Consequently resulting in a full blown tantrum in a matter of minutes. The whole process can happen pretty quickly, leaving people scratching their heads as to what just happened?!

Often times people overlook the core reasons for this behavior. Therefore, a teacher may see the child as stubborn or perhaps is poorly disciplined at home. Peers may think there is “something wrong with them” or “they are being a baby”. Above all, it is important to remember children with ADHD have a harder time managing feelings without getting overwhelmed.

Dr. Anderson from Child Mind Organization reports children with ADHD are more attracted to things outside of what is going on in front of them. For instance, a squirrel chasing a bird in a parking lot can grab 100% of the child’s attention. Within seconds the child is making a mad dash across the parking lot. Or a child may want to explore a restaurant instead of sit down and eat their meal. The dynamics of ADHD can easily cause frustrations in a relationship of parent and child. Learning how to manage the behaviors of your child will bring for a more pleasant experiences for both of you. Now, take a deep breath and realize you are stronger than you think.

Here is an excellent source for managing some of these behaviors. Dr. Anderson discusses Managing problem Behavior at Home Need some help with your child with ADHD? Need support in learning about and using behavioral management techniques? Please Call TherapySRQ at 941-202-3432.

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