talk to your childIt is difficult to focus on how we communicate with others we naturally attune ourselves to others more. We are especially aware of how our children speak and behave.  Are you as aware of how you talk to your child? At times emotions are high and energy is low. Nevertheless is crucial we check in with ourselves to see how we are speaking to our children. How would you describe the way you talk to your child? Would you sound patient, caring and loving? Do you appear to be interested in what your child was saying? Are you be half listening and scrolling Facebook simultaneously. Do you sound annoyed when communicating after you had a long day at work? How can we check in with ourselves to ensure we are doing the best to communicate and support our child?

Separate yourself before communicating with your child

Work is stressful at times but bringing the stress into your home makes for a difficult situation all around. Be aware of your stress levels and give yourself a dose of self love. Some helpful ways to do this are:

  1. Call a friend or family member to talk and de-stress
  2. Take a few minutes before interacting with your child and take some deep breaths.
  3. Ask your child/family for a few minutes of alone time for you to transition into caregiver mode.
  4. Own it.  Let your family know you have had a stressful day and that your are not in the best of moods but are working through it.

The way you talk to your children becomes their inner voice

The benefits of speaking in a calm respectful tone are your child is much more likely to listen to what you are saying. When you speak aggressively or raise your voice your are less likely to get a good result and could damage your bond with your child.

Children often learn from our behavior. The best way to teach your child to speak nicely to others is to model this through your relationship. You will have a stronger relationship with your child by speaking to each other with respect and love. As a result your child will put their best behavior forward naturally when interacting with others.

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